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Welcome to my Blog about How to Start Beekeeping.

Keeping Bees is a very hot topic in the media these days for a number of different reasons. Many of which seem to have captured the hearts of the public. In wanting to do the best that they can to help these tiny but extremely important pollinators.

This website is all about how to start beekeeping

You may already have an interest in the natural world.

And you might have harboured the thought that you would like to keep bees.

Home of the Busy Bee is here to help you start.

Whatever your interest, be warned you are very likely to become hooked!

A little about Me

I grew up on an arable farm in East Anglia, the only livestock to be seen was Chickens (and the occasional Duck).

Back then the Summers seemed never ending, and the whole countryside seemed to be alive with Butterflies, Birds.

And of course lots of things that buzz and sting!

There was an old guy in the Village that used to keep bees.

This seemed a daft thing to want to do. Who would willingly put themselves up to be stung by bees.

Once a year though he would come round to the house and deliver some honey he had harvested for my Mum and Dad, I remember how they used to look forward to his visit every year.

So here I am now many years later, setting up a website to educate and teach (to the best of my ability) the hobby of Beekeeping. I should add here that I do actually keep bees myself now and have done for a number of years, so it will not be a case of the blind leading the blind (insofar as the bees will always do what they want to do, and sod what the books and sages say they should be doing).

Purpose of this website.

I hope this blog is useful for the Beginner to the hobby, but also to those that already keep bees.

There will be a lot of content aimed to get people started in this fascinating and absorbing hobby as well as items of general interest.

So please enjoy your visit and make this your number one site for Honey bees.

If you need a hand or have a question leave them below or give me a follow on Facebook and contact me there and I will get back to as soon as I can.




  1. Hi Keith,just had a quick look at your site and came up with the following:
    1.Great simple layout
    2. Good easy to read conversational writing style
    3.Great images used here
    4. Some good technical stuff in here e.g. bee house dimensions and explanations on bee behavior
    This is my favorite part.I love honey and love eating the stuff daily and I am convinced that its kept alot of illness away for me.I have had half a mind to start keeping bees but I’ve always been a bit scared about getting bitten or them getting out and attacking the neighbourhood lol.The other reason why i have thought about it is the recent media stuff on honey being mixed with other stuff and then sold as pure honey.A site like yours is good in that by educating folks it can probably take the fear element out of it and help folks to just get on with it.
    I have saved your page to my favorites.
    Excellent work here Keith,please do keep it up :))

    1. Thanks Billy
      This will start of with the very basics and move onto much more detail in the coming weeks and months, If I can
      help to show people how they can help, then I will be happy with that. They definately need our help. Thanks again

  2. Hi Keith,

    Awesome website, I learned something new about home of the busy bee I love honey in my tea, very interested. An easy read and able to understand each topic. The layout was very nice.

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